Vortex Product Registration

  • By registering your product, our records will be updated, listing you as the official owner of your product.  
  • If your product requires servicing, we can quickly call up the key information and ensure that we provide fast, efficient assistance.
  • You can conveniently initiate repair orders for your registered products.

If your new Vortex product was purchased through an authorised dealer, you’ll find this registration sticker on your box.

  • Have your box with you so you can find your serial number.
  • Complete the form below and click submit.

If your new Vortex product did not come with a registration sticker please ask your dealer about this. If they do not have the official sticker, your product may not have been imported through the correct channels and could be considered a “Grey Product”.

A “Grey Product” is the terminology given to a product which has not been imported via the Factory Appointed Distributor.

Vortex Registration Sticker FINAL